Spruce, our 15.8 lb AKC miniature red poodle, has the sweetest temperament and is loved by all who meet him. He is people-oriented and loves to perform tricks and to cuddle on your lap. 

He has genetic testing and is clear through Embark for all 200+ major diseases. 

Pennhip 0.32/0.39 (better than the breed average.) OFA eyes normal, OFA elbow prelims normal. Patella results coming May 2022. He is negative for Brucellosis as of January 2022. His titles include Canine Conditioning and Fitness Level 1 & 2, and AKC Novice Trick Dog.

His color genetics are ee (red fur, intermediate intensity) BB (black nose and points, does not carry brown/liver) kyky atay (can throw phantom, if bred with the right female) SS (does not carry parti) mm (does not carry merle). 

He is +/+ for furnishings and +/+ for curls.

Our stud service includes two sessions of live cover 48 hours apart or one session of side by side AI at our reproductive vet Hooves and Paws in Aubrey, TX. (Please note we require a negative Brucellosis test for live cover. We recommend to get it done before or at the beginning of the female’s cycle because it can take several days to a week to get results back.)

Pregnancy Guarantee:

If for some reason the female does not become pregnant, we will offer a free re-breed during her next cycle. 



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